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Drawganizer is no longer for sale

We have decided to completely redesign Drawganizer and withdraw it from sale. Although the concept was good, we think it was too unusual to become popular. Thank you for your interest.

Just draw it! Automate Windows tasks easily!

Drawganizer is the ideal way to automate File Manager tasks for Windows.

File manager tasks such as backing up files, printing, moving, copying and launching files. It's like programming Windows Explorer. It doesn't use a script-type programming language, it simply uses powerful components connected together to make a diagram (or drawing) of what you want to do. Tasks are configured easily and can be run from a desktop icon or interactively. Drawganizer is a multipurpose tool with a unique simple, powerful and intuitive interface.

What makes Drawganizer so useful in the Office or at Home?

Windows file manager tasks you need to do repeatedly can be made into simple drawings and performed with just a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Find files using any filters from text contained, file sizes, file dates, filenames and extensions, from anywhere on your PC or network. Apply specific filters for different folders, if you need to. Then print them, back them up, move, copy or recycle them.

  • Automatically backup the files found, or perform any other action on them, such as opening, printing, moving or copying etc. Why buy separate dedicated programs for each activity when Drawganizer does it all?
  • Check found files and control precisely which ones you want to backup or print etc. Drawganizer gives you the chance of checking files before actions are performed on them. For example, you could open a document and look at it before deciding to print it. We don't know of another program that does that.

  • Check any file or group of files for multiple conditions just by dropping the files onto Drawganizer from Windows Explorer. Only files meeting the set conditions will be accepted. How else could that be done?

  • Easily configure Drawganizer to perform file management tasks by answering questions using a drawing Wizard.

  • When you've made a drawing a help window explains what a drawing does and how each component is configured.

  • No need to explain complicated actions to your coworkers. You give them the Drawganizer drawing and they run it from shortcut, or perform the action with a scheduling program.

  • Ever copied files to the wrong place or deleted the wrong ones? Don't do it again - with Drawganizer you can see exactly what will happen before you decide to do it.

  • If your time costs you money, Drawganizer will pay for itself in a few weeks.



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